Where can you buy them?
ESN stall in the foyer of the International Office during office hours:
April - July
October - January
Mondays: 3:00 - 4:00 pm
Thursdays: 4:00 - 5:00 pm
Price: 10,00 €
Please bring a student ID!
Validity: The ESNcard is only valid if it is completely filled out in block capitals and provided with a photo. (The student can fill in the card himself or the salesman can do it).
Who can buy it?
1) All international "Incomming" students, no matter where and with what program they are here (ERASMUS, etc.) and no matter which university in Hanover they attend (Hochschule / TiHo / MHH).
2) This also applies to exchange students studying at universities without an ESN section in Northern Germany (for example Bremen, Oldenburg, Osnabrück)
As proof, international students should present their local student ID card, learning agreement or passport.
3) ESN volunteers / staff (with written permission, signed by the respective ESN Hannover President).
4) All interns (also outgoing) with an ERASMUS Grant for an internship abroad with proof.
IMPORTANT: At the start of the semester, the ESN-Cards are mainly sold to students of Leibniz Universität!
Who does not?
1) German Outgoing Students: The ESN Card is used in many countries as a membership card, which is needed to attend ESN events. This has legal and insurance reasons. It would therefore be unfair to "force" the students to buy a second ticket at their foreign university.
2) "Normal" German students: It is an ESN membership card.
3) International students studying at a university or in a city where there is another ESN section.
Note: German outgoing students who go to a city without an ESN section should buy the ESN Card in the respective country in another city.
What discounts are there?
ESNcard.org offers a comprehensive list of all national and international discounts. Unfortunately we have no local discounts at the moment (especially in Hanover).
The most important discount at the moment is the Rynair discount:
For a total of 8 flights 15% discount on the fare and a free checked-in suitcase. So on 8 single flights in a year each 15% and the luggage.
How can I use the discounts?
One has to register with his card number and all personal information on ESNcard.org and can then use the benefits according to the instructions on ESNcard.org.
Important: Make sure that the correct data is stored (date of birth, etc.)
Important: For the Rynair discount, it is particularly important to log in to ESNcard.org with the same data as Rynair. The best way to use the same mail address for Rynair and ESNcard.org. And of course the ESNcard has to be presented during the flight.
How long is the ESN Card valid?
12 months from the date of issue. After that, a new one would have to be bought.
Can I also use discounts for other people?
No, only for the cardholder. The discounts and the card are not transferable.