United in our diversity- that is what we stand for!
Come and celebrate Europe as our home with us! On May 11th the “Europafest” is taking place in our beautiful city of Hanover and we want to contribute to this great day with a legendary Flagparade. Grab your friends, grab your flag or dress in the colors of your country and enjoy a (hopefully) sunny, but surely colorful and happy walk through the city. Let’s celebrate and show our love for diversity!
At 1 PM we’ll meet in front of the Town Hall (Trammplatz), where you’ll also have the chance to visit our painting station for some extra color and get in the mood for the parade. We’ll start walking at 1:30 PM and end at the Opernplatz, where the main event is taking place with loads of music and stuff for you to explore and enjoy.

We’re looking forward to spending a great afternoon with you!

11/05/2019 - 13:00 to 15:00
0 €
What's included: 
  • Face painting for free
  • Everyone is invited.