Can topics like environment, food production and climate be innovative, inspiring and fun? Yes, they can! There has been an enormous amount of discussions about global warming or the approaching ice age in 2030. What seems to be obvious is that putting your rubbish in the right bags will hardly stop it (anymore). But, there are other benefits of acting locally and the changes might be much faster, closer and bigger that you might expect. This is a topic that concerns all of us: Climate. During the past years there has been a lot of research and publications. Somehow, this seems to be important for all of us. But how much of an impact does every single person really have? And how about the actions of all the other 7 billion people in the world? Can or must we make a change collectively? And if so, how could we do that?
Let us introduce you to what some people have changed and discuss what this really means to you and the planet.
This TEDx-Event will show you ''Ideas worth spreading'' in a very vivid way. Join the discussion and contribute your opinon and meet the people who are diversified in profession and culture and really cares about the world like you.
Note: The discussion will take place in English.
19/11/2015 - 18:30
OK-Haus, Im Moore 11B, 30167 Hannover
Meeting Point: 
International Office
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