Insider Tips


Hanover is one of the most underestimated cities in Germany. Many Germans think that Hanover is a boring and desolate city. But this is a CLICHÉ!!!

Hanover is the host to numerous important international industry fairs. Among them are  the “Cebit” (the world’s greatest computer fair) and the “Hannover Messe” (the world’s greatest industry fair).

Surprisingly for such a relatively small city, Hanover is well represented in the higher leagues of all major German sports.
Hanover 96 is the local first league football team, but there are also first league teams in team handball (Die Recken), rugby (4 teams!!!), indoor hockey, waterball, lacrosse as well as many other sports. In the 2nd and 3rd level leagues there are teams in field hockey, ice hockey, american football, and countless other disciplines.

In 2011 Hanover was named he greenest city of Germany. There are many parks all over the city and with the Eilenriede, Hanover has one of the biggest city forrests in Hanover. The Maschsee, an artificial lake in the middle of town is a popular spot amongst the Hanovarians. It is the go-to route for many joggers and home to many water sports teams and events. And then, there is the yearly Maschseefest which is a huge party on the shore of the lake lasting 3 weeks.