You arrived in your dormitory and you are missing a lot of things there, like kitchen stuff and decoration?

You are leaving Hannover and all your stuff doesn’t fit in your bag?

So you are spending a lot of money on new things and you throw them away when you leave?


STOP! The SocialErasmus team of ESN provides you with more sustainable solutions! Here is a list of places that might be helpful for you:



Fairkauf Limburgstraße 1 (in the City Center, the biggest one),  further stores in Linden, Langenhagen,  Laatzen and Vahrenwald

What can I do there?

Buy used things for little money, donate things when you leave. Huge choice available of furniture, kitchen stuff, clothes and much more.  Proceeds are mostly invested in the integration of unemployed people.


Remar Limmerstraße 27 (Linden)

Similar to fairkauf, but smaller.


Ungetragen Egestorffstraße 11 (Linden)

What can I do there?

Buy  female fashion. Maybe the cheapest second hand shop specialized on clothes in Hannover.



Street Markets ,,Flohmärkte”, for example:

Altstadtflohmarkt  Am  Hohen Ufer

Every Saturday 8.00-16.00 h. Most famous one, but no clothes!

Flohmarkt Kulturzentrum Faust  Zur Bettfedernfabrik 3

Every Sunday April - November 8.00 - 15.00 h. Occasionally also Saturday afternoon.

Online ,,Flohmarkt“ for Hannover